How to Turn Your Old TV Into a Smart TV

How to Turn Your Old TV Into a Smart TV

If you own an older TV and wish it was a smart TV but it still has a great picture, here is a low cost way to convert it.

Jealous of your neighbor's Smart TV? Don't be, because we will show you how for less than $40 you can turn your TV into a better and smarter Smart TV than your neighbor's fancy pants one.

Here is a little tip, most Smart TVs are not really that great. Only the better ones have software made by Roku or Android. Many cord cutters, ourselves included never even use the Smart TV software that comes with our Smart TVs.

We would rather use a separate media streamer made by Roku instead. This gives you access to thousands of public and private Roku channels like these. Most Smart TVs only come with a few dozen channels if you're lucky.

How to Turn Your TV Into An Awesome Smart TV

Your TV may still work perfectly fine, so why waste money on a new TV? All you need to do is head down to your local Walmart store and pick up a Roku Express Plus if your TV only has component video inputs and does not have HDMI.

You need the Roku Express Plus model because it is still one of the few Roku models that will work on older televisions that use analog video inputs. These are a cable that uses a Red, White and Yellow, RCA plugs.

If your local Walmart does not carry the Roku Express Plus, just order one on Amazon. The model number is 3710RW Express Plus

If your older TV already has a HDMI input on it, than you can save yourself a few dollars and get the  Roku Express model that only comes with HDMI. Or you can choose their Roku Streaming Stick which will great as well.  Make sure you get the black Streaming Stick and not the older purple one.

Once you show your neighbors how cool your Smart TV is with Roku you can bet they will be wanting to upgrade their fancy Smart TVs too,

Because as our 11K Roku Rocks Facebook Group Members will tell you... Roku Rocks!

Once you have your Roku all set up you will want to add some great channels to your Roku.

Just use our Free Roku Remote Web App and it will help you find some of the best channels on Roku.


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