Best Roku Deals for Top Roku Models

Best Roku Deals for Top Roku Models

Best Roku Deals

Roku makes one of the most popular media streamers available today! Here are the best Roku deals on their top of the line media streamers.

Looking for  a great deal on a new Roku media streamer? You don't need to look much further because we searched the web to find some of the best Roku deals available today. Why settle for a cheaper model when you can own the best Roku models that Roku has ever made.

Best Roku Deals Roku Ultra

Roku Ultra Deals
Comes with all the bells and whistles

This the current flagship top of the line model from Roku. 

If you are used to an old slower Roku, you will find the menus on the Roku Ultra are very fast. 

Voice search works great to help you search for content across many multiple participating streaming TV providers. Roku displays search results from the lowest cost to the highest which is a handy feature that will save you money if you want to rent a movie.  

Sure you can buy lower cost Roku models but then you will loose, Voice Search and the Gaming remote.

Forever losing your Roku remote? Just press the remote locator button on top of your Roku and your remote control will start beeping to let you know exactly where you left it last.

Check Current Roku Ultra Deals

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Roku 4 Deals
Last top of the line Roku model

The Roku 4 was their last flagship model and it has pretty much the same features as the current top of the line model from Roku. EXCEPT, it does Not support HDR 4K and it comes with a Fan where the Roku Ultra does not.

Check Current Roku 4 Deals

-  Refurbished Roku 4 GREAT DEAL!

When you buy a new Roku, you are buying one of the most fun and easy to use media streamers available. Want to get more from your Roku? Join us at Roku Rocks

Roku 3 Deals
Still an excellent Roku model

This was once Roku's top of the line model before the Roku 4. If your TV does not have 4K capabilities, this Roku may be all you need. It comes with a nice gaming remote which also includes voice search and is still quite fast and responsive.

The Roku 3 will let you access and enjoy a huge library of Roku Public and Private Channels. Many are free and you will soon find Cable TV becomes less and less important.

Check Current Roku 3 Deals

-  Refurbished Roku 3 GREAT DEAL!

These are all the current and past few top of the line models made by Roku. If you are searching for a new Roku, any one of these models should still give you years of trouble free service without skimping on features.

Once you have your Roku don't make the mistake of searching Google for Roku support and finding a scam site that wants to charge your credit card for help setting up your Roku. 

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