Roku Rocks - Kodi Rocks Quiz 2

Roku Rocks and Kodi Rocks TV Streaming Quiz #2

A Clearstream Eclipse Antenna will let you watch?
Netflix, Vudu and Hulu
StreamNow Pro
Free Local HD Channels
A VPN will?
Keeps Your Internet Provider from Spying on Your Internet Usage
Gives you Full Access to Netflix Without A Subscription
Let's You Use Your Neighbors Password Protected WiFi
Will Reboot your Modem and Router Just Like NetReset
StreamNowPro is a?
A Cool New Media Streamer for Advanced Users
A Roku Channel with Independent Movies and Shows
A News TV Station About Cord Cutting
All Of The Above
I liked something on the following Facebook Pages

Your grade is: __

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TO ENTER: Take the short quiz and add your name and email to the form below then post a screenshot of your score and tell us which group you are a member of on the mkvXstream Facebook Page

or in the promo post in either Roku Rocks or Kodi Rocks Facebook Groups. Be sure to like something on the prize sponsor FB pages listed below.
*You need to be a group member of either group and have a score of 100% to be eligible.

PRIZES: Here are the Prizes you could WIN. Be sure to Enter This and all Upcoming Contests for More Chances to WIN!

Click and Like the FB Pages and check the "more" links below to find quiz answers.

1 of 2 One Year Subs to ExpressVPN - (Home Page) More...
1 of 2 NetReset Outlet Timers - (FB Page) More...
1 of 2 ClearStream Eclipse HD TV Antennas - (FB Page) More...
1 of 2 Six Month Subs to iStreamItAll - (FB Page) More...
1 of 2 Six Month Subs to StreamNow Pro - (FB Page) More...

FOLLOW THE RULES: To Qualify for One of the Prizes Above!

For this contest we had to add one more step so it is much easier for admins to track everyone and make sure we don't accidentally miss anyone that enters. In this and all future contests, add your email address and name along with the group you are a member of in to the form below. We will be drawing names for prizes from this list. We can also use this to notify everyone of future contests and breaking news related to TV Streaming.

We won't send emails more than once a month. If you ever would like your name removed, simply reply to any email from us with Unsubscribe in the subject line.

Rule Number 1. Anyone who Posts the Answers to this Quiz or copies someone elses screen shot will be disqualified from Winning Any Prize.

Rule Number 2. To be eligible and so we can contact you if you win, you must be a member of either Roku Rocks, or Kodi Rocks Facebook groups and add your First name and email address below.

If you are a member of both groups, you can enter 2X with both group names for two chances to win but only one prize per person will be awarded in these contests.

Rule Number 3. The winners in Roku Rocks Facebook Group and Kodi Rocks Facebook Group will each receive one of 5 Random Prizes listed above. For each contest the remaining Prizes will be added to a list at and list shuffled 5X. The First prize on the list is what each group member will win. Roku Rocks winner will be chosen first and then the Kodi Rocks winner and both winners and prize they won will be announced in both groups and winners will be also contacted by FB messenger.

Note: Antenna and NetReset will only be shipped to winners in the Continental U.S.A. and another random prize will be substituted. If it is the last prize, another winner may be substituted.

Winners will be chosen if they left their comments left on the respective Facebook Roku Rock or Kodi Rocks group contest announcement post or, mkvXstream Facebook Page page along with their group name and screenshot of their score.

Also be sure to add your name and email to the form below. All eligible contestants names will be added to a list and the list will be randomized 5X for each contest/quiz. From that list the first name will be chosen. One for each group, for each contest until all 5 contests are over and all 10 prizes are awarded.

Each contest will run for one week. When this Quiz/Contest is Closed, it will say "Closed and a URL link will be provided at the bottom of this page to the next Quiz you can enter. Be sure to bookmark this page for more chances to win!

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