How to Use Android 7 on a PC with VM VirtualBox

How to Use Android 7.0 Nougat on a PC with Virtualbox

Give Android OS a try before buying an Android Box

Included is an excellent video from TechFire that shows you can easily install Oracle VirtualBox on your computer and get Android 7.0 up and running fast. 

This lets you try out the hottest Android Apps and Games right from your laptop or desktop PC without an Android phone, tablet or Android TV Box

Learn more about the Android software, play with settings, and other features without worrying about bricking your device.

Install Oracle VM VirtualBox and Android 7.0

Step 1. Download the following two files: VirtualBox for the Operating System (OS) you use and download Android Nougat 7.0

Step 2. Install VirtualBox on your computer and open the app.

Step 3. In the upper left corner click on the grey icon that says New. In the box that opens we are going to Name your VM - Android 7. For Type - choose Linux. For Version - choose Other Linux (64 Bit) and click Next.

Step 4. Memory size, you will want to add a custom memory size here of 2048mb then click Next.

Step 5. No choose a Virtual Hard disk file type: VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image). Next Then choose: Dynamically allocated for Storage on physical disk. Then click Next and then click Create.

Step 6. Open VirtualBox Settings (Gear Icon). Go to Display on your left side click it and change the Video Memory: to 128mb.

Step 7. This is where things get a little more complicated. Your best bet is to watch and follow along to the video from TechFire. You are basically changing some more disk settings, creating a virtual partition and installing Android 7.0 from an ISO that you downloaded.

To begin where we left off, just go to 1:42 in the video below:

Once you have Android installed, check out these Free Android Apps that you may want to try out on your new virtual Android OS.

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