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Rabbit TV - Guide to Movies and TV Shows

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If you have been a cord cutter for any length of time, you undoubtedly came across Rabbit TV at some point. Earlier version required a special USB dongle to use their service. They eliminated the dongle and now use web-based software instead.

So what is it really? Some say it's a scam, others think it's fine for what it is. Their advertisements make it look like they will give you access to a stash of thousands of free movies and TV shows. Not exactly how it works because they don't host any content of their own.

About Rabbit TV Plus

"Rabbit TV is a video search product designed for personal, entertainment and informational purposes only. Results shown on Rabbit TV will include links to Content hosted and served from third party websites. Some Content and some of these sites may contain materials that are objectionable, unlawful, or inaccurate." Read their full TOS here...

In a nutshell, Rabbit TV Plus is an Internet Search Engine/TV Guide which compiles millions of links daily from content that can be freely found on the Internet. They link to sites like FilmOn which you can visit directly which aggregates tons of Live IPTV and on-demand content. Learn more about FilmOn.

Rabbit TV Features

In case you were wondering for $2/month, Rabbit TV will give you access to their online guide software which lets you access 200,000+  TV Episodes,  100,000+ Movies, 50,000+ Radio Channels, 5000+ Live TV Channels from all over the world.

Many links are to 3rd party live and on-demand content and they link directly to the content so you can easily find them to stream on your TV.

Their service per their terms include ads and they will also give you free trials or let you purchase other streaming TV services like Netflix, Hulu and more.

Having an app that catalogs all this daily for you can be a big timesaver and may come in handy. By doing all your Internet searching for you and then aggregating it all to one place.

Kodi and Roku Users Already Have This For Free

If you already use Kodi along with a few of these great add-ons you will have access to most of this content already and would probably ever need to use this service.

Roku owners can also easily search through many legal channel like Netflix, Amazon, VUDU, Hulu and many others with the built in Roku search software. See: Roku search now works with over 50 channels! Plus with Roku channels like FilmON, Pluto and XTV you would never really need to use a guide service like this either.

Rabbit TV does search and index all links to movies, TV shows and more that are found on the Web. Except links to Adult content which they don't include in their list. Roku has Rabbit TV beat there as well as there are a long list of private Adult Roku Channels available.

Rabbit TV May Still Be Useful

If you would rather use web-based software and don't own a Roku, want to mess around with Kodi, or have access to an Android TV box with Apps like these. It may be worthwhile subscribing to an Internet TV Guide service like Rabbit TV.  Especially if you watch most of your content with a computer that hooks to your TV with an HDMI cable. Their software also works on portable devices like tablets, notebooks and phones.

There are no long-term commitments and you can cancel Rabbit TV Plus at any time.

If you would like to learn more about Rabbit TV, visit their website at https://rabbittvplus.com/

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