Google's 4K Chromecast Here is What We Know So Far

Google's NEW 4K Chromecast - Here is What We Know So Far

A big event is planned for early October by Google where they are expected to announce a brand new 4K UHD Chromecast streamer

Android Police is claiming Google's newest Chromecast model will be named either the Chromecast Plus or the Chromecast Ultra

With the recent announcements of a new FireTV, 5 new models coming from Roku and a brand new lower priced Nvidia Shield. It is looking very much like cord cutters will have some more great new media streamers to choose from this holiday shopping season.

With 4K TV prices dropping and more 4K content becoming more available including this 4K Ultra HD content that can be found on YouTube. It only makes sense for Google to update its popular Chromecast streamer so it work with and cast 4K video content. Current Chromecast models can't cast 4K content unless you first convert the videos to AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, WebMD, or DivX and choose 1920X1080 resolution.

They make software converters that will do this with just a few clicks but it still requires extra steps and takes more time. A new Chromecast that is capable of 4K should be a very popular seller for Google.

Even though the video was nicely done and did a great job of showing you how to convert videos to mp4 so they will play with current Chromecast streamers. Their software has some poor user reviews on Amazon. Instead, you may want to give this mp4 video converter software a try. It costs less and will get the job done. If you convert videos to mp4, they will play on pretty much any media streamer including Apple TV and Roku. Many of the other formats are not supported so, why mess with them only having to convert them once again.

Once the new Chromecast 4K makes its debut, it will still require app developers to get on board and release new apps that can take advantage of 4K casting. Hopefully, this won't take too long.

Google needed to make their new Chromecast 4K compatible so they could compete with the Fire TV and Roku 4 which are already fully able to play 4K video content. The current Chromecast models have been top sellers. Now with the ability to play 4K this trend will most likely continue.

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