Roku Channels Launcher App Instructions

Roku Channels Launcher App Instructions

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Thank you for adding the new Roku Channels Launcher.
Roku is an amazing media streamer and this app will help you get even more enjoyment from it by finding and adding new channels quickly.
Many channels we have listed are private channels, this means you won't find them on Roku unless you add them from our various lists of channels.

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1. Add Public Channels by Category

From the app click on one of the icons based on the type of channels you are looking for. This will take you to either a list of Roku channels, or icons of channels.

When browsing channels by descriptions and you find a channel you would like to add to your Roku, Click the [Add Channel Link].

This will take you to the channel page on the Roku website where you can view more screenshots and get more channel info. From their site simply click their add channel button and the channel will be added to your Roku.

If you are in a country other than the U.S.A. This link will not work and you will need to manually enter a private channel by the listed code. Private Channels have the Roku Code Listed and an Add Channel Link. Public Channels don't have a code listed.

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2. Enter a Private Roku Channel Manually

Hidden Private Roku Channels
If you only watch content from the channels on Roku's Channel Store, you are missing out on a huge selection of Private Roku channels. These channels offer great additional content.

Warning: Some private channels contain Adult only content and these are not allowed on the Roku Channel Store.

To manually enter a Roku channel Code, go to this Roku Page. You will first need a Roku account and sign in. Once you are signed on manually enter the code we have listed.

If the category of channels you choose only has icons, then click the icons to add the channel. It will take you to Roku where you can finish installing the channel.

3. Check Software for Updates to Add New Channels

This final step must be performed every time you add new Roku Channels:
  • Go to setting on your Roku
  • Find the Check for Updates Menu
  • Perform A Check For Updates
  • Once it's done go back to the Installed Channels list on your Roku.
  • Your New Private or Public channels will be at the end of your channels list.
Following these simple instructions will quickly have your Roku loaded up with fun new channels. 

Just don't go overboard and overload your Roku with too many channels all at once.
If you would like to delete or organize your Roku channels follow the instructions in step 4.

4. Delete or Move Your Roku Channels

Roku channels can be deleted or moved by pressing the Star * Button on your Roku remote. This will only work when the channel is highlighted in the list but not if you already entered the Roku channel

From the menu that appears you can either move or delete any channels you choose.

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5. More Questions? Don't Hesitate To Contact Us 

Our app will save you time trying to find new and interesting Roku channels. We are offering if free of charge and only ask that you share it or give us a kind review on either the Amazon or Google App store.

If you still need help, just contact us at and tell us if there is something you don't understand. We will be happy to help.

Have Questions or Want to Chat About Your Roku?

These are all excellent resources for new Roku Owners if you have questions or just want to discuss Roku or streaming:

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