Best Roku 3 Channels for 2016

Best Roku 3 Channels to Rock your Roku

Best Roku 3 Channels for 2016! Or Any Other Roku Too!

Netflix - Currently one of the top rated channels on Roku is Netflix. It's no wonder when you see the large library of commercial free movies and TV shows available on their channel. Netflix is a subscription only channel and one that should be at the top of your list if you want to cut your cable bill. They offer full TV series including some that are exclusively their own which you won't find anywhere else on Cable or Satellite.

Plex - This channel works together with a computer or NAS box that must be on and running while you watch the Plex channel on Roku. Plex charges a single time fee to new Roku users for their channel after a short free trial. Another Free Plex alternative channel is Rarflix. This channel has the same features as Plex. 

One reason Plex is so popular is because of the unsupported app store. This give you access to much more content through the use of 3rd party plugins. Here is a Plex Setup Guide to help download and setup Plex along with the Unsupported App store for your Roku.

To eliminate running a bulky PC for running Plex and to store their media files, many people are choosing to use a NAS box. Our popular NAS Guide will show you more about the top two best rated NAS boxes available today: QNAP vs Synology Best NAS for 2015

Hulu Plus - This channel is also a subscription channel that will let you watch many popular televisions shows the very next day they air. Unfortunately, this channel also includes commercials.
If you don't mind waiting for the season to complete, most of these shows end up on Netflix. View our Netflix Vs Amazon Instant Vs Hulu Plus Guide to learn more about today's top commercial streaming services.

YouTube - Another great channel that offers a lot of user uploaded content which sometimes even includes full length movies and TV shows. There is so much content on YouTube you will never run out of things to watch. 

VideoBuzz is an alternative channel to the official YouTube Roku channel and is also very popular. Click here to learn more and add this channel to your Roku.

Channel Pear - A recent addition to Roku, let's users search for and find podcasts and other video streams that are freely available to watch on the internet. This has spawned an entire new hobby for people that go hunting for content and then post it on the channel PEAR website for others to watch. Here is more information about this exciting new channel that will help you get started.

Roku 3 still the top of the line and fastest model Roku currently offers.

If you are looking to buy a Roku to cut your cable or satellite TV bill, finding great channels is key to getting the best Roku user experience.

We have a lot of great resources for finding great Roku 3 channels here on mkvXstream. Fortunately, most of these Roku channels will also work perfectly fine on many other Roku models including most previous generation models as well.

Check out these four additional resources. This will quickly help you find more great Roku 3 Channels.

Best Places to Find Many More Roku 3 Channels:

A-Z Roku Channels List

This list has a large mixture of both public and private Roku channels. Unlike other lists you may find on the web that scatter their Roku channels across many pages to drive up page views. We built our Roku channels list so it is fast and easy to scan, saving you a lot of time.

Roku Channels in our A-Z index are all arranged in alphabetical order, they include a brief description and "Add channel" link to Roku's website. This will let you add new channels right from the list to your Roku.

If you need help adding or finding Roku 3 Channels you added to your Roku. Please click here for instructions.

Roku 3 Channels Guide

The Roku Channel Guide is an icon based category index to many different Roku channels. Channels are together in groups by theme or categories. The Roku Channels Guide will quickly help you find Roku channels based on special interests like "Family and Kids", "Games" "Faith", "Music", "News", "Science and Tech", "Sports" and even "Adult Roku Channels" which you won't find in the Public Roku channel store or on their website.

New Roku 3 Channels

In the sidebar we also included a small icon list of New Roku Channels. These channels are some of the newest Roku channels we have added most recently to our various lists. Clicking the Roku channel icon takes you to the page where you can add the channel to your Roku.

Top 70 Best Roku 3 Channels for 2015

The Top 70 Roku Channels List is another popular list we put together with a little help from our members and friends at the Roku Rocks Facebook Group. This list contains the most popular Roku channels and contains many top rated Roku channels you will want explore on your new Roku.

Roku 3 Still Best

If you are thinking about buying a new Roku, we still highly recommend the Roku 3 over any of the other Roku models. It has the fastest processor and feels much snappier than their lower cost models including the Roku Stick.

HDMI to 1080P Component Video Scaler Convertor

The Roku 3 only comes with HDMI out. If your TV does not have a HDMI input port, here is a great option for older televisions. This will still let you still have the performance and other features of a Roku 3 and be able to use it with an older TV. 

Click here to learn more...

Roku 4 Rumors

Roku 4 internet rumors and speculation have been going on for a while. At this point, nothing definite points to a new Roku 4 being released in the near future.

Currently you can  buy a brand new Roku 3 on Amazon for a much lower price. This has some speculating a newer Roku model may be coming soon. We have seen discounted sales on Roku 3 models come and go over the past year or two, so even this does not have us fully convinced a new Roku 4 is on the way.

Our best guess is when we see Apple come out with an updated Apple TV model, we may see a new Roku 4 released soon thereafter.

Even once Roku does release a new Roku 4, the Roku 3 will still continue to work fine with most all the Roku channels currently available now and for quite a long time to come.

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