Apps for Apple TV May Be Coming Soon

Apps for Apple TV May Be Coming Soon

Three apps you can use now on Apple TV

While Apple has not yet officially opened up their Apple TV for Apps and Games, the internet is a buzzing with news of a new software development kit that Apple may be releasing soon. This kit would allow third-party developers to write apps for Apple's $99 TV Media Streamer. 

While this is not yet been set in stone, Apple may already have inadvertently leaked this in their Apple TV Movies menu which has had banners promoting holiday apps and games. Hopefully this was not just a gaff and is pointing to a significant changes in Apple's policy to open up their for now closed Apple TV platform. 

With the latest Apple TV beta including a Bluetooth pairing menu for connecting wireless keyboards to 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TVs, it may be another sign that they are relenting and will open up the AppleTV to developers the way Roku did. Once they do this new Apps, Games and Channels for Apple TV will start rolling out in mass.

Apps Available Now for Apple TV  

These apps work on a 2nd or 3rd generation Apple TV through AirPlay:

iRemote Apple TV app

Apple's All-New Remote
Now your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can control your computer's iTunes library, and Apple TV from your fingertip.

Download Apple's Remote App Free

Netflix Apple TV app
Netflix will give you access to thousands of instant streaming movies and TV shows all for one low monthly fee.

Download Netflix App Free

Video Screensaver Apple TV app

Videos for Apple TV
Turn your Television into a fish tank, fireplace or lava lamp with this useful app.

Download Videos for Apple TV App ($1.99)

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