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Our Adult Roku Channels Guide has the BEST Collection of Adult Roku Porn Channels and Adult Internet TV Sites. 

We list Private and Hidden XXX apps which are not listed in the public Roku channel store.

Many Roku Porn channels are subscription only. Some Adult Channels offer Free Trials, Previews and a few are even completely FREE!

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Our Adult Roku Channels Guide Features Free Adult sites you can watch on a Smart Phone, Tablet, XBOX, Computer or Smart TV. 

How to Add Adult Roku Porn Channels

How to Add Adult Roku Channels!

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Important Tips on Adding Adult Roku Porn Channels:

WARNING: When adding Roku porn channels, they can be watched on EACH Roku player that uses your same account and login. 
For example, if you had a Roku in your bedroom and one in your living room and you added a few adult Roku channels to the Roku in your bedroom. These channels will now be visible to everyone on all your Roku devices if you use the same account login and password for both.

To prevent this, you could simply setup a different account on another Roku player for your adult Roku channels you don't want your kids to see. 
Many adult channels also come with parental controls. By using multiple Roku accounts it's just one more safeguard to keep your Adult Roku channels visible to Adults only.

Here are more ways to lock down your home Internet and keep it family safe with parental controls.

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